January 25, 2018

Social Media


Social Media Management

Social media has changed the way organisations, communities & individuals interact. Millions of people are sharing information about brands everyday & social media can spread the word faster than ever before. Building a legitimate social media presence gives you unparalleled access to your existing customers & potential new ones. Whether your customers are around the corner or around the world, it’s time to stake your claim in the social media landscape and start reaping the benefits.

Process for your Social Implementation :

  1. Establish Client Goals
  2. Create a Social Media Strategy
  3. Platform Specific Goals
  4. Increase awareness
  5. Develop a Design Look & Feel
  6. Implement Tracking, Measurement and Reporting
  7. Managed Service
  8. KEI Tech will create an integrated long-term campaign that speaks with your “Brand Voice” and is completely managed by us so you don’t need to worry. This service includes: Community Management ,Look & Feel ,Design, Strategy, Copywriting and where required Customised Web Development to run any promotions through your social media.

KEI Tech can assist your with your social media management, strategic implementation and goal tracking.

Social media account creation & enhancements

While search engines are still the primary way people find you on the internet, social networks are morphing into recommendation engines. Search engines are already using your social media interactions to personalise your search results. So who you’re connected to and things you value will influence your results.
That means investing in search engine optimisation cannot happen anymore without social media.
Internet marketing cannot exist without either one.

We offer packages for all budgets and types of businesses for the management of your social networking channels including Facebook™, Linkedin™, Twitter™ and Instagram™. We create and distribute content through social media and engage with your community while you focus on your core business. Then we do it all again the next day. Depending on your social media requirements and marketing objectives, we can tailor a custom solution that meets your unique business needs.

Social media platforms are about paying-it-forward, being social and not promoting your latest marketing message directly to your community. Your marketing succeeds because you’re transparent in your social media interactions.

If you want fans – be social! Create engaging, shareable, remarkable content and provide feedback that is relevant to the “Brand’s Personality”. Be real, be truthful and use your best judgement. Your primary goals are “Brand Loyalty” and “Brand Awareness”, from this position you can leverage your Social Media Goals and increase Business Sales.