A Division  that completes the groups complete marketing and technology needs of any customer or corporation. We strive to give our clients various avenues and solutions, in order to capture as much of your desired market share, at a fraction of the price, of traditional advertising & marketing methods (print, t.v and radio).

We have the ability to take control of all your online and hosting services and needs (social media, web-site hosting, e-mail hosting, SQL and Google Ad-words, on-site activations with our NFC and Ibeacon technology as well as analytics on your current campaigns). With our contract based system, we align ourselves closely with all our clients, in order to become part of their corporate culture & an integral part of their future goals.

We continually analyse and earmark future trends, to keep our clients brand & image at the forefront of the technology curve and a market leader in their operating space by doing this we allow our clients to gain as much benefit from being the first mover within their fields & with that lets our clients to gain customer trust and loyalty.


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