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NFC Actions is an android app that lets you write Quick and Cloud Actions (and Flomio Zapps) to NFC tags. After a tag is written it can be quickly scanned to carry out an action like sending an email, opening a url, checking in with Foursquare, etc.

The app includes these main NFC actions:

—NFC Quick Actions—
– Zapps: Launch specific apps from the real world
– Application: Execute any application when reading an NFC Tag.
– Dial: Dials a phone number.
– Foursquare: Check-in at al ocation.
– Settings: Turn on/off Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode.
– Light: Turn on and of your flash as a flashlight.
– Mail: Compose an email.
– Maps: Launch Google Maps.
– Maps Navigation: Launch Google Maps Navigation.
– Market: Link a tag to an android market app.
– Sms: Send an SMS.
– Street View: Open Google Street View.
– Text: Write plain text in a tag.
– Url: View an specific Url.
– Wi-Fi: Connect to a Wi-Fi through NFC.
– Youtube: View a Youtube video when reading a tag.

—Tag Utilities—
– Reset Tag

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